We All Should March to the Music

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Jessica Dugatkin, Writer

Aidan McCrory, Photographer

For most students who are involved in choir or theater-related activities at school, March is typically the busiest month of the year. In March, there is a choir/band concert, All-County Choir, All-County Band, intensive preparation for the upcoming NYSSMA conference, and of course, the spring musical. The musical is, for many students, the highlight of the school year. It provides the opportunity for making new friends, spending time with people that eventually become your family, and performing an incredible show at the end of it all. Given the fact that the yearly musical is so near and dear to so many people’s hearts, it is no wonder that the postponing of The Secret Garden had an effect on all of the drama club members. With all the tragedy and confusion surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, many students have been wondering: what will be the fate of the musical?

The Drama Club has been through more than usual with this musical in particular. The auditions were postponed for about a week due to a problem many students had with a couple of the characters and certain aspects of the subject matter of the show itself. However, after that was all resolved and rehearsals began, it all began to feel like normal again. Everyone was laughing with their friends three nights a week and learning the music to The Secret Garden’s beautiful score. When the cast/crew members began to hear talk of a rising virus that was threatening lives and school closures, everyone got worried for good reason. The rest seems like it all happened within a matter of minutes: school was closed, a pandemic was declared, and the musical was postponed indefinitely.

We all know that the potential cancellation of the spring musical is nothing compared to the tragedy resulting from the Coronavirus.

Jessica Dugatkin

To emphasize the reasons why the students are disappointed about the lack of a spring musical thus far, let’s take Alina Gorney as an example. Alina has been doing theatre for a few years now and has worked her way up to the lead of this year’s musical: Mary Lennox. Despite her love of performing, she has decided to pursue another one of her passions and major in costume design. This means that The Secret Garden was likely her last chance to do one of the things she is most passionate about: perform. If the musical gets officially canceled, this would certainly be an unfortunate and abrupt end to a high school career full of performing. For the sake of seniors like Alina and everyone involved in the musical, hopefully, the show can be put on eventually in some capacity.

We all know that the potential cancellation of the spring musical is nothing compared to the tragedy resulting from the Coronavirus. In no way did I want to compare the two at all. The musical, though, is an incredibly important aspect of many student’s lives. If it were to be canceled, a significant number of people would be devastated. However, in these trying times, it is of the utmost importance to remain hopeful. Each and every person who contributes to the musical is hard-working and dedicated: if anyone can figure out a way to put on this show it is them. Although these times are difficult, it is important to remember that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and we hope to eventually be able to show everyone the production we have worked so hard on.