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Alright, let’s just say quarantine has left me very bored. I spend many days laying around, thinking about what productive activity I can come up with to keep myself busy. As the days go on I find myself more and more bored. Cooped up in the house with only so much cleaning that can be done. So strangely enough, I have found the microwave as a good source of entertainment. I mean the microwave. Bet you weren’t expecting that. A little backstory is, my brother attends (attended?) UAlbany and I went with him to go move all his stuff out of his dorm. It’s a well-known fact that college kids are notorious for the amount of Ramen and other quick and easy foods they consume during their time away from the nice home-cooked meals. Anyway, my brother has a bunch of snazzy gadgets that allow you to make things like eggs in the microwave. I thought they were so bizarre, but hey, I’m all for anything quick and easy to whip up. And yeah, sure, in my time I have been a fan of those individual microwave pizzas, but those are just too easy in comparison to some other stuff you can make.

“…I am just truly amazed by the abilities of a microwave.”

– Anonymous

So I was curious about what else I could make in the microwave. After all, anything you cook in the microwave is most likely made in the dish that you eat it out of. So fewer dishes! But I wanted something not quite so easy. Then I got a Snapchat from my friend, and they were telling me how they made fudge that day. I have always loved fudge but never attempted to make it. So I was looking up recipes and I found one where you just need the microwave. Another miraculous thing you can use the microwave to make. I made the fudge. Surprisingly it was pretty sweet, but the three cups of powdered sugar might explain that one. Anyways I was just hung up on how useful a microwave is. You can use it to heat leftovers, make popcorn, fudge, pizza, pancakes, mac and cheese, and cook vegetables. I mean for real, what can you not use a microwave for? My brother even has a pot type thing that cooks his pasta in the microwave instead of boiling a whole pot of water. How did I not know this existed?

This may sound dumb, but I am just truly amazed by the abilities of a microwave. And that’s why I would say that the microwave should probably be ranked the most useful appliance in your kitchen. Why do all that extra work steaming vegetables on the stove, when you can get steam fresh and microwave the bag for 3 minutes and 15 seconds. I don’t know, that’s just my personal opinion. So, while you have the time, why not see what cool things you can whip up. Try something new!