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By Aidan Sheedy, Staff Editor

The lives of congressmen and congresswomen and senators were at stake first. Then, their personal and occupational privacy was at stake as many so-called protesters became intruders, criminals, and terrorists by taking pictures and/or stealing classified information from government officials like Nancy Pelosi. Unfortunately, that is the least of our worries.

A big issue I had of this was not just the vast contrast in police response for this as opposed to the BLM protests, it was the blatant variations of reality between devout Trump supporters and everyone else. I used words before in this reflection like “criminals” and “terrorists” in order to accurately describe the disgusting nature of the people participating in this insurrection. The problem is, that is exactly the language Trump supporters used to describe peaceful BLM protesters. 

I believe the person at fault for most of this is “President” Donald Trump. He has done a marvelous job at playing mind games with people in order to get what he wants, and this is exactly what he wanted.

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