I Saw…

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By Talia Feinsod, Staff Editor

I saw Nazis and Racists on live TV yesterday. 

I saw scenes from The Hunger Games on the news. 

Yet another “once-in-a-lifetime-event,”

I’m 17. 

I saw confederate flags and crude Nazi propaganda.

I saw the Capitol swarmed by hate. 

The Vice President wore a blue tie last night. 

Opposing sides spoke in agreement. 

I saw a man.

A man so drunk on power and delusion.

And ignorance. 

I saw this man bring shame to news anchors with his words. 

They called him 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

They called him 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue because they can’t bring themselves to call him what that means. 

I saw a proud dictator. 

I saw domestic terrorism.

I saw institutionalized racism and white privilege. 

We heard praise and love.

We heard lies. 

It’s time to invoke the 25th. 

Featured Photo: AFP Photo