The “United” States of America

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By Julia Crofton, Writer

The events of January 6th display the deep rooted corruption and privilege of white people in our country. If it were black or brown people at the capitol they would have faced extreme violence. They would have been addressed as terrorists or thugs by the president, not as “very special” or told that they are loved by the president. When black people protested for their lives they were met with military force and extreme police retaliation, they were shot at with rubber bullets and tear gassed. When white Trump supporters storm the capitol, they are met with little to no police retaliation. This exhibition of unscrupulousness in our nation becomes evident as we dissect the events of the 6th, and compare them to the experiences of BLM supporters in June. One of the occurrences that angered me most was the inconsistency shown by the followers of the losing presidential candidate. In June they described their quarrel with the BLM movement because it was too violent and they said that blue lives matter, but now that they are the ones who are angry, they use violence and do not respect the police. It becomes discernible that the issue with the movement in June was not the disrespect for police officers or violence, but the issue was with what the movement stood for, which clarifies the idea that opposers to the motion are racist. The events of January 6th are hypocritical, and yet again demonstrate the fraudulence of the United States of America. 

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