NPHS Senior Profile: Reeti Patel

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By Aidan Sheedy, Staff Writer

High School is designed to prepare students for college and teach them new things about the world. However, there’s more to it than that. For Reeti Patel, high school was her time to explore new avenues, new interests, and a fresh perspective.

“I used to be a very different person at the very beginning of high school,” Reeti says. Now a senior at NPHS, Reeti has found herself submerged in a pool of talents ranging from, music, art, vocals, and dance. “Music is a big part of me,” she says, “but it’s also funny that I do art because I’ve never taken an art class before.”

Reeti also spent a lot of her time in school participating in Mock Trial and Student Council. Reet is the current Vice President of the Class of 2021 and has been for 3 years. Mock Trial, in particular, she explains is, “different than a lot of other clubs because we spend hours upon hours together. Our practices are usually 4 hours long, and we meet on Sundays as well. It became like another family for me.”

On her own, Reeti also enjoys learning new languages. She is currently able to speak 4 languages proficiently and is learning a 5th new language during the COVID-19 pandemic. She can speak English, Hindi, Spanish, and Gujarati, which is the language she chooses to speak when talking to certain Indian family members. 

Throughout her life, Reeti has gotten support whenever she needed it, thanks to her older sisters Neeti and Tithee. “My sisters have been a huge influence in my life,” she says, “they always tried to make things better for me than it was for them. The best thing about them is that they never sugar-coat things for me.” 

There are small and seemingly insignificant moments that stand out to Reeti the most because they show her sisters’ true colors. Reeti remembers still to this day how hard her sisters persisted and fought with their parents about her finally getting her first phone. “It’s a small moment, but it’s those kinds of things that stay with you for a long time. They showed me that they truly care and would do anything for me.”

Reeti is head-over-heels about attending New York University this fall. “Getting into NYU was my biggest achievement,” she exclaims, “NYU has been my top school since the beginning of high school. It is my dream school and I couldn’t be more excited!” 

After being almost set-in-stone about what she wants to study at NYU, Reeti has reconsidered since getting accepted and has turned it into something positive. “I think it’s hilarious,” she says, “as soon as I found out I don’t have to declare a major yet, I had a big moment of relief, knowing that I’m not stuck. This gives me some time to learn and figure out what I want to do because I have so many more options now.”

Once she settles in The Big Apple, Reeti aspires to find an apprenticeship as a professional tattoo artist, and embrace her artistic abilities. “If I can find a tattoo parlor that can help me, that would be a dream come true,” she says. “I love body art, it’s so cool. It’s a great way to carry your artistic side wherever you go.”

Living own for the first time is sure to be a difficult transition for every prospective student. However, Reeti embraces changes and knows, “it’s going to be terrifying and new, but also incredibly exciting.”

Reflecting on her time in high school, Reeti would like, “to be remembered as passionate and kind.” If you ever met Reeti, you know she can be very passionate, and yet so kind to everyone she meets. “Kindness in particular is something I work very hard on and try incredibly important to me.”

It’s evident Reeti possesses several incredible talents, which clears many paths for her in the future. At the moment she only wants one thing for her future self: “I want to be happy. No matter what I’m doing or where I am, I want to just be happy.”

Featured Photo: Provided by Reeti Patel