NPHS Senior Profile: Nikolas Knobloch

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By Aidan Sheedy, Staff Writer

New Paltz track star and local kombucha advocate Nik Knobloch, or “Nik Knob,” is the easy-going spirit of New Paltz High School. Originally from Woodridge in Sullivan County, Nik has been a part of the New Paltz community since 6th grade. “When I moved here, I had to make new friends,” he says, ”the hardest transition was adapting to a whole new and different group of kids.“

Starting in Kindergarten, Nik was in the same building of the Fallsburg School District for all 7 years before moving. “It wasn’t even the transition of elementary to middle school, it was the transition of learning a new school format,” he noted, “It was definitely weird only seeing students your own age for the first time.”

As an avid runner, climber, and biker, Nik lives an active lifestyle and loves the outdoors. Utilizing his love for running, Nik has been a part of the outdoor and indoor track team for all 4 years of high school. Specializing in hurdles and relays, Nik has come to love the sport and his team even more. “I’ve made friends that will last beyond high school,” he says, “We’re more than just a team, we’re a family.”

As a senior, Nik obviously has college and a future career to think about. However, with so many interests, he finds it difficult to choose just one thing. A versatile student, Nik has been a part of track, snow club, engineering club, and ultimate frisbee. He even worked as a chef at the Mohonk Mountain House. Although he has a wide range of career opportunities to choose from, Nik has become interested in law and is hoping to find out exactly what he wants to do in college.

A big part of anyone’s life is within their relationships. This is something that Nik holds close to him. He says, “I may have a lot of interests, but they are not as important as maintaining my relationships with friends and family.” 

When leaving New Paltz High School, Nik wants all to remember him as someone who was, “an open-minded person that takes the time to learn about someone and try to understand their experiences and perspectives.”

Looking forward to the next chapter in his life, Nik always reminds himself that, “change is good, even when you don’t know what is going to happen.”

Since his Sophomore year, on Twitter, @NikKnob1 has had some memorable “compelling thoughts.”

To honor Nik Knob, I took the time to share with you some of my favorites:

Source: Twitter, @NikKnob1

Featured Photo: Nik Knobloch