About Us

The Maroon is very lucky to have both a dedicated staff and a devoted club advisor. Known for its high-quality, easily enjoyed writing – and its devilishly hard crosswords, – the day an issue is handed out is a day when minds are focused on key issues, and classrooms are filled with crinkling papers. Though traditionally in print, current circumstances make for the printing and distribution of physical newsprint a cloudy and backwards endeavor.

However, every cloud has its silver lining. With the hard and consistent work of our team, we are delighted to offer this online edition of The Maroon. While there will be no separate issues, this online periodical will be updated – you guessed it! – periodically to ensure a flow of content. If you can spare some time, and I reckon many of us can (I hear that suddenly we don’t have to wake up for 8:00 am classes), go ahead and explore what we have to offer.

And hey, thanks for reading.

Oliver ten Broeke

Staff of The Maroon

Oliver ten Broeke, Editor-in-Chief

Adam Koplik, Layout Editor, Staff Writer

Matthias Lai, Copy Editor, Staff Writer, Photographer

Aidan Sheedy, Staff Writer

Kyle Mast, Staff

Hannah Wynters-Wright, Staff Writer, Artist

Gia Hermes, Staff Writer

Josie Gravatt, Writer

Noah Fishman, Writer

Mark LaBorde, Writer

Reeti Patel, Writer

Anabel Evans, Writer

Calla Savelson, Writer

Jessica Dugatkin, Writer

Charlotte Freer, Writer

Phoebe Ramaty, Writer

Samantha Landrum, Photographer

Aidan McCrory, Photographer

Joel Neden, Advisor