Students That Excelled During the Winter Sports Season

By Loyal Goodermote, Staff Writer Worried about Winter Weather? What about Winter Sports? Tis’ the season of cold temperatures, snowy fields, and the sun setting before 5. Safe to say there are factors limiting the activity that can go on outside. But, what about inside? Inside, you’ll find many sports going on that our NPHS…

Highlighting Student Athlete Excellence in Our School

Georgia Schultz, Staff Writer New Paltz High School is very proud to commemorate the commitment and excellence of our athletes, both on and off the field. Through hours of practices a week, competitive games and competitions, and balancing the complications of school, our student-athletes have maintained an average GPA of 94.59, qualifying all teams so…

Fall Sports Photos

by Nora Preston

Varsity Football

The following pictures were taken at three different home games on 9 September 2022, 16 September 2022, and 7 October 2022.

#12: Mike Odell and #15: Tony Drewnowski lead the team.
Pictured on the sidelines: Jack Ifkovits: #1, Joe Birnbaum: #9, Julian Cardillo: #21, Josh Quinn: #20, Angel Marqueno: #64, Chase Stewart: #70, Gavin Treglia: #2, Pierce Lutz: #13, Ben Gabriels: #3, Cole Mumford :#8, Oliver Tremblay: #55

Girls’ Varsity Soccer

The following pictures were taken at the home game on 28 September 2022.

Boys’ Varsity Soccer

The following pictures were taken at the home game on 8 September 2022.

The Wrongful Death of Tyre Nichols and What It Means For America

By: Veda Keon, Staff Writer Tapping through my Instagram stories on February 10th, I felt my heart drop as I was met with the smiling face of Tyre Nichols on each new story. “Say his name” was plastered under each post; it was another black man unjustly killed at the hands of the police.  The…

Are Chromebooks Really The Solution?

By Taylor Kane, Staff Writer Three years ago, if the bag of a middle or high school student opened and overturned, stacks on stacks of paper would spill out. Now, where crumpled pages and beaten folders once were, there is something slimmer: a laptop. Districts in New York like Highland, Poughkeepsie, NYC, and Kingston have…

After a Train Derailment, The Maroon Investigates

By: Parker Reed and Trey Nitza, Staff Writers On February 3, 2023, residents of East Palestine, Ohio were evacuated after a train carrying toxic chemicals derailed. Five weeks later, two writers for the New Paltz High School newspaper, The Maroon, Trey Nitza and Parker Reed, interviewed High School juniors close to the derailment, Josh, Mackenzie,…