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Welcome to The Maroon! We continue to publish pieces focusing on profiles in the NPCSD community, commentary pieces, and other fantastic content. While we know it’s important to give our views on the news, we also want to showcase the people of New Paltz High School, and that’s exactly what we intend to do. Click around the site to find content on everything, ranging from profiles to commentary to news to reviews. Thanks for reading, we hope you enjoy!

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Latest News

A Censored Existence

By Taylor Kane, Staff Writer “A death by a thousand cuts.”  This is how former teacher Willie Carver Jr., a gay man, described his experience working for a school district in Montgomery, Kentucky. After working in the district for twelve years, Carver tendered his resignation in June of this year due to continuous passive-aggressive anti-LGBTQ+

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Dismantling of the Myths Around AP Classes

By Trey Nitza, Staff Writer AP classes. They can seem like one of the most common and controversial talking points in highschool sometimes. The amount of times I’ve asked or been asked, “What APs are you taking?”, is impossible to count.  In case you’re completely out of the loop on what I’m talking about, AP

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Latest Students

NPHS Senior Artist Spotlight: Nikola Salvestrini

Standing at  5’4 and brown haired, Nikola, a senior here at New Paltz High School, may blend into the group of countless artists in New Paltz, but this is anything but the truth. As a child, Nikola struggled with speech and writing, and turned to art as a form of expression. Armed with countless stories

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The Faces of the Junior Class

By Aili Zissu Sarah Cunningham “ I know that junior year is supposed to be the hardest and most work intensive year, so initially I was a bit nervous that the workload would be too much, but as I’ve been developing my routine, it’s been getting a lot easier to conceptualize the rest of the

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Latest Commentary

Latest Reviews

Taylor’s Thoughts on Taylor

By Taylor Kane, Staff Writer Taylor Swift’s tenth studio album, Midnights, was released on October 21st at midnight EST. It’s packed with 20 songs, 13 released in the original album and 7 in the addition Midnight (3am), establishing an obvious pun pattern in the names that I can’t help but respect. Fans – or “Swifties”

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Musicals Can Change Your Life

By Anna Goodman, Staff Writer Don’t you love that feeling when the lights go down and the show begins? Whether it’s a show or a movie or a concert, the sense of anticipation is almost unparalleled. Never have I felt this way more than seeing one specific show on a trip to Quebec. Notre Dame

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