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Welcome to The Maroon’s Literary Magazine! This is a space focused on giving a voice to the creative personalities of our school as well as showcasing student art and literature. Our display includes all forms of creative writing, photography, and both fine art as well as digital art. Thank you for your support, and please enjoy the incredible array of creative work from NPHS students!

A sneak peak at some of the work from our talented student artists!

Featured Artists

Sophia Schwartz (top left)

Nora Preston (top right)

Veda Keon (bottom left)

Henry Millman (middle right)

Maggie Heenan (bottom right)

Letter from the Editor

All throughout high school I have found myself longing for a space to share my artistic endeavors with my peers, and when I discovered that The Maroon used to have a Literary Magazine I immediately knew I needed to revive it. During the creation of this magazine, its purpose has gone from simply a space to share art and writing, to giving a voice to the creative personalities of the school. It is so important to appreciate the arts and young artists, and this magazine is my small contribution, showcasing the incredible work that New Paltz High School students have done both in and outside of school. I am endlessly grateful to all the talented students that made this magazine possible with their contributions, and I hope that you all enjoy reading the Literary Magazine as much as I have enjoyed making it!

Maggie Heenan, Editor

Poems and Prose

Anna Guido

“I enjoy using a lot of symbolism and metaphors in my writing. I mostly find myself especially inspired by my…

Kylie Ayala

“I have found writing to be an outlet to express emotions or feelings I would never have been able to…

Georgia Schultz

“I have always loved poetry, or writing of any kind. Since I was little I have filled journals with random…

Parker Reed

“Most of my writing is inspired by my own life, both the good and the bad. I also often use…

Anna Goodman

Anna Goodman is a junior who finds inspiration for her narrative poems in many languages…

Taylor Kane

“I have been passionate about creative writing since I was young and have read all…

Finn Gibson

“I write poetry to express the deepest and darkest facets of my identity.” Feast Preparations…


The digital and fine art of New Paltz High School…