New Paltz High School is full of bright minds throughout the school. While many of them are writing for The Maroon, we also wanted to showcase some of the many students at NPHS. This page is full of NPHS students, from profiles to college essays. Check it out!

An Insight Into the Seniors of Science Research

By Sage Rochetti, Staff Writer Brandon Sirof Why did you decide to join science research? I’ve always been interested in STEM and science, and it’s just a very unique opportunity to study something I’m interested in versus just the subjects we have to learn in school. Also, the opportunity to work with professionals and really

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NPHS Senior Artist Spotlight: Matan Ziv

by Phoebe Eis, Staff Writer 18-year-old photographer Matan Ziv– the only AP Studio Art student concentrating in the medium this year– is a testament to the roles commitment and diligence play in artistry. He’s spent much of his high school years honing his skills with the camera, but it wasn’t always so prominent in his

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NPHS Senior Athlete Spotlight: Alex Barbato

By Sophie Gallo, Staff Writer On February 22, 2022, the last senior standing on the NPHS varsity basketball team was Alex Barbato. One of New Paltz’s captains, and a great inspiration to his team, he considers his final season. While Alex has spent his years since 5th grade playing basketball, football, and baseball, he finds

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NPHS Athlete Interviews: Varsity Boys Basketball

By Nora Preston, Staff Writer Photos by Nora Preston Beckett Weires What makes basketball standout from other sports?   “It’s the only sport I really like and enjoy. I like football, but I wouldn’t play it. I like watching it, and watching my friends play it, but basketball is really the sport that touches me— not

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Solo Diedhiou Finds Her Voice

By Lindsey Clinton, Co-Editor-In-Chief Marietou Solo Diedhiou: A performer. A sister. A friend. Overachieving in every aspect of life, she pushes herself past any limit she is faced with. Diedhiou evolves more and more each day into the person she dreams of becoming – a person she could find herself looking up to.  “I want

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NPHS Senior Artist Spotlight: Flora Pierson

By Phoebe Eis, Staff Writer Photograph by Matan Ziv After a hectic first semester of school, classes are falling into some sort of rhythm, and AP Studio Art is no exception– students’ portfolios are well underway, and every B day during third block, Room 121 is abuzz with music, conversations, and creation. Unique topics and

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Humans of New Paltz

By Eve Kortan, Staff Writer This is my interpretation of Humans of NY. I interviewed a student from each grade in the high school and told them to tell me something that their peers might not know about them. I recorded these exciting conversations and selected snippets that I thought were most interesting about each

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NPHS Senior Artist Spotlight: Rosa Savelson

Phoebe Eis, Staff Writer For three years, I’ve looked up to the high school’s AP Studio art students with wonder and amazement, admiring their creations on the school’s walls and relishing interactions with them during open studio after school. Now, to my own surprise, I am actually one of them! I want New Paltz High

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NPHS Student Profile: Laila Mach

By Kendall Lucchesi, Staff Writer From a young age, every kid dreams of growing up and becoming a star–basking in the light of fame and success. For Laila Mach, this dream has become a shocking, unbelievable reality. “It still doesn’t feel real,” Laila says. In late September, Laila began her rigorous American Idol journey. Virtual

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