The Faces of the Junior Class

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By Aili Zissu

Sarah Cunningham

“ I know that junior year is supposed to be the hardest and most work intensive year, so initially I was a bit nervous that the workload would be too much, but as I’ve been developing my routine, it’s been getting a lot easier to conceptualize the rest of the year. I’m looking forward to a more ‘normal’ school year, because I’ve never had that experience and I’m halfway through high school already.”

Portrait of Sarah Cunningham by Aili Zissu

Spencer Goldstein 

In terms of classes, New Paltz offers some of the best. This year I am able to focus on diversifying my art portfolio through many different classes, thanks to the art and tech departments.”

Portrait of Spencer Goldstein by Aili Zissu

Anna Goodman

“It’s still a bit surreal to be in junior year, but I’m glad to be able to pick all the classes I’m interested in now.”

Portrait of Anna Goodman by Aili Zissu

Kalle Masseo

“School has been pretty stressful right off the bat with three APs to handle, especially APUSH and AP Chem, but socially it’s been fun having classes with friends, and sports have been great socially and physically.”

Portrait of Kalle Masseo by Aili Zissu