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The Maroon has been delivering quality content to New Paltz High School for decades, and our dedicated staff is excited to continue to deliver up-to-date and exciting news to the community. Our team, composed of talented journalists, artists, and photographers, is excited to provide insight from the students of NPHS, especially during such trying times.

In a world where the media seems to be as polarized as ever, it’s crucial to understand where your information is coming from. Our team prides ourselves on delivering accurate, meaningful, representations on both local and international topics.

From all of us at The Maroon, thank you for reading, and we hope you enjoy our coverage during this crucial time.

Kendall Lucchesi, Editor-in-Chief

Contributors to The Maroon, 2020-21

Kendall Lucchesi, Editor-in-Chief

Lindsey Clinton, Editor-in-Chief

Julia Demskie, Editor-in-Chief

Samantha Wong-Pan, Chief Photographer

Mason Roepe, Staff Editor

Andrew Balaban, Staff Editor

Maggie Heenan, Staff Editor

Phoebe Eis, Staff Writer

Rosie Savelson, Staff Writer

Kylie Ayala, Staff Writer

Eve Kortan, Staff Writer

Lyla Laffin, Staff Writer

Sophie Brassard, Staff Writer

Parker Reed, Staff Writer

Julia Crofton, Staff Writer

Shane Maher, Staff Writer

Julia McCloskey, Photographer

Gabriel Cook, Writer

Charles DePoala, Writer

Annalina Guido, Writer

Sofia Camiola, Writer

Kira Hopkins-King, Writer

Kimberly Kieu, Writer

Alexander Peyser, Writer

Jonah Yastion, Writer

Raamina Chowdhury, Writer

Noah Levitz, Writer

Esther Forte, Writer

Christine Vigliotti, Writer

Davion Mumpher, Writer

Joel Neden, Advisor