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The digital and fine art of New Paltz High School students

Sophia Schwartz

As someone interested in fashion and fashion design, Sophia finds themself inspired by material and color most of the time. They enjoy incorporating unconventional materials into their work, such as the straws glued to the background of the first piece featured above.

Veda Keon

Veda takes inspiration from other portrait painters, the books she reads, and the world around her. She is constantly evolving and using new art mediums. In terms of poetry, she likes to write narrative poems that evoke emotional responses.

Finn Gibson

“As a child I always had a fascination with introducing ants into the household. Now that I’m older, art is a good outlet for a lot of those destructive urges. Art provides a cool window into my thought process, as a peak into the machine behind the man.”

Nikki Salvestrini

Nikki primarily works in highly saturated colors, enjoying both drawing and painting and 2D design art. She hopes to have a career in art in the future.

Maggie Heenan

“I used to work primarily in graphite and ink, sometimes acrylic, but over time I’ve begun experimenting with more unconventional mediums like repurposed, collaged paper and incorporating sewing and yarn into my pieces.”