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The Civil Rights Movement of 2020

Adam Koplik, Staff Writer Quinn Ratynski, Featured Photo Note: Some protestors faces have been blurred to protect their identities As I write this, I’m sitting at home, watching TV, seeing fires burn throughout the nation. Yet, in my backyard, it’s nothing but blue skies and green grass. If I want to, I could shut off

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How Do You Protest in a Pandemic?

Matthias Lai, Staff Writer Oliver ten Broeke, Featured Photo The death of George Floyd on May 25th at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer has struck a nerve with Americans across the nation, as protests have erupted in the largest cities in the country. Demanding police reform and an end to systemic racism in

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Wisdom from Coronavirus Survivors

Matthias Lai, Staff Writer Brianna Carlini, Artist The world is on high alert, as the Coronavirus Pandemic makes its rapid and deadly progression through the world. For most of us, the biggest effect it has had is no school, we can’t see our friends and maybe we had to cancel plans for spring break. We

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We All Should March to the Music

Jessica Dugatkin, Writer Aidan McCrory, Photographer For most students who are involved in choir or theater-related activities at school, March is typically the busiest month of the year. In March, there is a choir/band concert, All-County Choir, All-County Band, intensive preparation for the upcoming NYSSMA conference, and of course, the spring musical. The musical is,

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