MOVIE REVIEW: The Trial of the Chicago Seven

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By Adam Koplik, Editor-in-Chief

Aaron Sorkin is thought of around Hollywood as one of the best screenwriters alive. From hit shows like The West Wing and The Newsroom to Oscar-nominated films like The Social Network (won) and A Few Good Men, it seems like most-everything Sorkin touches turns to gold. Netflix Original, The Trial of the Chicago Seven is no different. Following what was originally known as The Trial of the Chicago 8, the film brilliantly depicts an epic miscarriage of justice from the Nixon-led United States government in response to the 1968 Chicago riots. A film that will make you angry, upset, and happy all at the same time, the movie absolutely gets right a trial that should be talked about much more in American history. With a fantastic cast starring Eddie Redmayne and Sacha Baron Cohen (not as Borat, but still great), Sorkin’s second ever directorial showing will no doubt have Oscar buzz in a weird year.


Featured Photo: Adam Koplik