New Paltz High School Students Speak On Election

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By Sofia Camiola, Writer and Lindsey Clinton, Writer

The 2020 Presidential Election is one of the most polarizing in the history of our country. For the first time in quite some time, high school students are getting extremely involved in the future of the nation. With that, we spoke to some New Paltz High School students about their thoughts on November 3rd and the process it took to get here.

Question 1: Do you think one candidate is more likely to win over the other?

 “I feel like Trump at the moment would take the lead only because of the hysteria on both sides” 

Cain Osarczuk

“Based on data, obviously, it looks like it’s leaning more towards Biden, but it was the same thing in the 2016 election. I don’t think it is clear cut”

Julia Demskie

“I honestly think that at this point, voting for Trump isn’t about politics anymore, it’s about morality.  He’s literally done the worst job as president in history.  So, you can’t say you’re voting for the economy anymore, if you vote for him, it just shows that you don’t care about anyone other than yourself.  By voting for him, you’re putting more minority lives at stake.”

Mia Belmar

Question 2: Do you think the ads are beneficial and allow you to understand and get to know the candidates?

“No I feel like- especially when it comes from the other candidate it is like super biased and seems stupid. Like if I see them on tv I just, like, look at them and I’m like this is silly.”

Juliana Vasquez

“Throwing someone under the bus to make yourself look better”

Maggie Heenan

“All they do is kind of bash each other”

Ella Constable

Question 3: Do you think the candidates should be going about the debates differently with addressing questions, each other, how many debates there are, etc.?

“I think they can be more respectful of each other and the moderator”

Ciara Reilly

“There has to be a mandatory time to speak”

Cain Osarczuk

“I think, unless it concerns the people, I don’t see how [Biden’s personal life] is relevant”

Maggie Heenan

Question 4: What qualities are most important to you in a candidate? And what topics do you think should be at the center of the candidate’s focus?

‘Doing what’s best for everyone not just the party who they represent is important”

Max Hawkins

“If we don’t fix what’s happening with our climate now, we won’t have a world to fix our civil rights issues in.”

Maggie Heenan

“Honesty is important”

Laura Hovey

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