OMG It’s DJ Lo Hex!

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Interview with a memorable class of 2017 alumni

By Kalle Masseo, Staff Writer

Featured Image by Tierney Reed

New Paltz, New York- a bustling tourist and college town that’s always up for some fun. Whether at a local restaurant or at a New Paltz High School dance, the crowd’s “fan favorite” DJ Lo Hex always makes the night memorable for those in attendance.

DJ Lo Hex hypnotizes the crowd at PnGs

“I grew up in New Paltz! I went to school here.” said DJ Lo Hex, a 2017 graduate, when asked how he felt about the New Paltz community in his interview with the Twilight Collective

Most students think of DJ Lo Hex as a local icon with no affiliation to their hometown while, in reality, he is an alumni of our high school, formerly known as Lorenzo.

“Interesting, like insightful,” Ms. Tozzi, a teacher at New Paltz High School said when asked about how Lorenzo/DJ Lo Hex was as a student. She had him as a past student in class and often had conversations with him on his aspirations.

“I had no doubts. We talked and shared about music a lot.” stated Tozzi when questioned if she thought he would reach the popularity and success he has so far. 

His career began when he started to DJ at 16. “I was mesmerized how someone can control the crowd with music.” said Lorenzo to the interviewer from the Twilight Collective.

I was mesmerized how someone can control the crowd with music.

DJ Lo Hex commented in an interview with the Twilight Collective

“My favorite thing about DJ-ing is really playing music and making people dance and have a good time,” said DJ Lo Hex when talking about his passion for his profession in the same interview. “It feels good that I know I’m the reason people are enjoying their night and making new memories with each other.” Luckily for Lorenzo, folks in New Paltz always love a good time. 

“I’ve always loved the community. A lot of people are friendly and nice and good people that just wanna have a good time. And I like how it’s a diverse community too. Good vibes,” said Lorenzo, also in his interview with the Twilight Collective. 

14 out of the 32 students interviewed at New Paltz High School knew who DJ Lo Hex was. Additionally those 14 who knew him all considered him a local icon and a superb DJ.

DJ Lo Hex brings the energy to small-town bar, PnG’s.

“It was cool to see him fully DJ, and he’s good at it too.” said Jill Harrison, a 2018 NPHS graduate, when asked how he affected her high school experience. 

“I wish he Dj-ed homecoming,” one sophomore replied when asked for their additional thoughts on the DJ, while another student commented, “I want one of his stickers.” The notable catchphrase “OMG It’s DJ Lo Hex” is adorned on stickers and found all over students’ water bottles and Chromebooks, sometimes even discovered on the sidewalks in town. 

“He was a year older than me in high school,” stated Harrison as she detailed his DJ debut at her junior prom when he was a senior “it was nice to have someone you know do it.” He also DJed her senior prom and made both dances incredible experiences with his openness to requests and ability to keep the night exciting. 

“It really was because he took requests,” said Harrison when questioned on how he made the night memorable, “he played what we wanted to hear.” He never assumed what music they wanted to hear and let the students/crowd dictate what was being played, “He’s not some weird middle aged dude who doesn’t know what he’s doing,” Harrison says.

“Everyone at college knows him and his name.” Harrison commented, reflecting on the important role DJ Lo Hex had on both high school and college students. “He DJs at PnG’s every Saturday,” stated Harrison, “college kids know they’re gonna be able to hear what they want.” 

DJ Lo Hex in his natural element, DJ-ing at PnG’s

“He’s been Dj-ing since around June 2020,” said Jamie Ferrante, another NPHS alumni (2014 graduate) and current PnG’s bartender while discussing his almost 2 ½ year Saturday night schedule. 

“I never met him in high school… he was a freshman when I was senior,” Ferrante recalls. His rise in popularity came towards the end of his high school years and has only continued to grow, especially on Saturday nights in town.

“He has good fun energy,” Ferrante described his presence in New Paltz “When he comes on or is around he’s very positive… he puts people in a good mood.”

When you find DJ Lo Hex and New Paltz in the same sentence, it will always be about having a good time.