Disturbed, Disappointed, Yet Unsurprised

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By Maggie Heenan, Staff Writer

I’m utterly horrified at the events that occurred at the capital Wednesday night. Firstly from the actions of the so-called “protesters” who, in my opinion, feel to be more of domestic terrorists. Protesting is about taking a stand or action to advocate for what you believe is right, not ensuing fear, committing violent acts, and breaking and looting the nation’s capital because you did not get what you want. These terrorists have slandered the name of patriotism, claiming that they do what they do for the good of the country but it’s simply not true. Having pride in one’s country and blindly supporting a dangerous and nearing on fascist politician are two completely different things. 

Secondly, I’m disturbed, disappointed and yet unsurprised at the police response to this riot. Looking back on the events in June and July, where protests for Black Lives Matter reached their peak, the police response to those protests was nothing short of brutal. It was unexplainably upsetting to have to watch people shot at with rubber bullets, maced, beat, and thrown into unmarked vans simply for taking advantage of their first amendment rights. And now, we see the people who actually pose a threat, and yet, because they are white and mostly male, they are widely unharmed. Not only were they widley unharmed but they were seen taking selfies with police officers, and even being let through or aided by these police officers that are supposed to be protecting the capital. 

I’m disturbed that I’m growing up in a country where white supremacy is deemed acceptable, white privilege is denied, and there is such deep ingrained racism and corruption in our police force. It’s upsetting in ways that I’m unable to explain. I feel at a loss for words because I am so deeply disappointed in so much of America. The fact that our president urged this behavior adds even more to the hopelessness and shame I feel, and I only hope that with Donald Trump out of office, we can finally take a step in the right direction.

Featured Photo: Reuters