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What Taylor Swift Means to Today’s Youth

By Hanna Beukelman and Parker Reed, Staff Writers Few possess the sheer ambition of 12-year-old Taylor Swift, whose diary’s front page read: “My life, my career, my dream, my reality.” Determined to become a household name, Swift’s global relevance was prefaced by her country singer aspirations, which she chased with vigor. Her transformation from Tennessee

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The Pressures Instagram Puts on Today’s Youth

By Parker Reed, Staff Writer In today’s society where social media is always looming, children are losing their innocent childhood. “Why can’t I stay outside for five more minutes?” used to be the normal conflict between mother and child, but over the years the plea of a child has been transformed to begging for Instagram.

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Journalism: Forever Changed as a Result of “45”

By Lindsey Clinton, Co-Editor-in-Chief The 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, and his administration have left much controversy over the credibility and relevance of journalists in today’s society.  In April 2020, the coronavirus pandemic became the headline of virtually every news article across the globe.  With many questions waiting eagerly to be answered,

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The Glamorization of Mental Illness in the Media

By Mae Rogers, Writer We love the media. TikTok, Instagram, television, YouTube- you name it, we can’t get enough. In fact, 2021 estimates suggest that more than 210 million people worldwide suffer from addiction to social media and the internet. On all sources of media, you can find users that glamorize poor mental health and

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The Importance of a Dynamic Consciousness

By Soleil Miller, Writer Growing up is like getting a new glasses prescription. The fresh lenses allow us to view the world in a clearer, more in-depth picture. As we age, our level of consciousness grows with us. The newfound perception that is gained through adolescence is the ability to be knowledgeable about feelings and

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The Crossword Puzzle Challenge

By Charles DePoala, Writer Take The Maroon Crossword Challenge ! Print a crossword. When you think you have it solved, go to Mr. Neden’s room (139 in the new wing) to check if you’re right! Prizes will be awarded!

I Quit Instagram.

By Rosie Savelson, Staff Writer My private Instagram account has 1,135 posts. I created it in eighth grade, and for the last four years I shared on it almost daily. I created series; traditions; I packaged my innermost thoughts into irony and entertainment, everything a huge satire of itself. Then I made a decision I

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A Doodle From a Teacher

By Shane Maher, Staff Writer Have you ever wondered which one of your teachers was the best at doing quick 30 second doodles? Of course you haven’t, that’s ridiculous. I, however, always have, and this year I felt like I should finally answer that question. The task was fairly simple. All it required was going

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The Civil Rights Movement of 2020

Adam Koplik, Staff Writer Quinn Ratynski, Featured Photo Note: Some protestors faces have been blurred to protect their identities As I write this, I’m sitting at home, watching TV, seeing fires burn throughout the nation. Yet, in my backyard, it’s nothing but blue skies and green grass. If I want to, I could shut off

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What Google Classroom Has Taught Us About the Value of Real Classrooms

Oliver ten Broeke, Editor-in-Chief Google, Featured Photo Dearest Teachers and Administration: With the coming second wave of the pandemic, likely due to coincide with the back-to-school season, there is a non-zero possibility that school remains closed. While there are myriad solutions to allow for quality education in these unique circumstances, there is one bit of

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A World Without Sports

Aidan Sheedy, Staff Writer AP Photo/Eric Risberg, Featured Photo It’s finally June- the beginning of summer. Almost exactly a year ago today, sports fans were watching in awe during one of the most thrilling two days in sports postseason history as the St. Louis Blues captured their first Stanley Cup in franchise history, going from

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How Do You Protest in a Pandemic?

Matthias Lai, Staff Writer Oliver ten Broeke, Featured Photo The death of George Floyd on May 25th at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer has struck a nerve with Americans across the nation, as protests have erupted in the largest cities in the country. Demanding police reform and an end to systemic racism in

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College in the World of Coronavirus

Adam Koplik, Staff Writer Aidan McCrory, Featured Photo The coronavirus pandemic has shut down the entire world. There’s no other way to put it. 100,000 Americans have lost their lives, and infections are in the millions worldwide. While those losses are the most tragic, the consequences of COVID-19’s outbreak are present throughout our institutions. One

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Mental Health and Coronavirus: People Need People

Mark LaBorde, Writer Jason Harding, Featured Photo 2020 was chaotic from the very beginning. The Coronavirus was talked about in classrooms all over New Paltz High School. All of us were updated on the virus as it traveled across the world, but it seemed unlikely that the virus would come to America, let alone our

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What Has Online Schooling Taught Us?

Noah Fishman, Writer Shruti Talekar | Staff Illustrator at The Pitt News, Featured Photo With the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, most of the world was forced to shut down. One of the first major public facilities to forcibly adapt were schools. Since education cannot simply be paused, schools have turned to online learning. 

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