Georgia Schultz

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“I have always loved poetry, or writing of any kind. Since I was little I have filled journals with random stories or thoughts, and marked up poetry books with my reactions. One of my all time favorite poems is ‘A Dream Within a Dream’ by Edgar Allen Poe, and has served as a big inspiration to me.”

Celestine Thoughts

We are pathetic. 

Lovers made of stardust, 

And endless blackhole hearts, 

Cycled through the same four worthless conversations. 

I blindfolded myself until all your stars burnt out;

Covered my ears to block out your screams. 

And yet here I am, 

Left inside out and robbed of my gravity. 

You sent me into oblivion and untied my tether,

So that I might float among the stars.

Memory Collector

I collect rocks shaped like beaches,

And that one night in June when you kissed me. 

I collect postcards made from drawn out tears, 

Blankets woven from cotton and smiles 

Tasting of sunrise,

And polaroid pictures,

Black and white with bittersweet storms. 

I collect old war letters, 

Reading stanza after stanza of memories I do not own, 

As if being a different person, 

With a different heart, 

Could fix things. 

I collect souls, 

Black and blue from the pressure of a thousand oceans, 

Currents sucking me out to sea 

In a tide so strong I forgot how to breathe. 

Eroding my clothes,

My flesh

By bones. 

You ask me why I collect so many things, 

Why I fill my shelves with art the color of a spring breeze, 

And books whose words scream open chasms from the binding. 

And do you I don’t have an answer,

At least not one that you would like. 

But as I fill up my heart, 

With rocks shaped like beaches,

And postcard tears, 

And blankets the color of a blinding sun, 

I suddenly don’t feel so empty anymore.