Kylie Ayala

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“I have found writing to be an outlet to express emotions or feelings I would never have been able to talk about otherwise. Most of my writing tends to be more fantastical as that is the genre I enjoy reading the most.”

Lost Dream

What if there was a place where dreams came true?

For one night, they waltzed as man and woman, 

Nothing more,

Nothing less.

They held each other close, with not a single care in the world,

Their feet never sore from the hard ballroom floor, 

Their eyes never break contact.

The sound of a wistful piano so distant while they were lost in each other, 

Becoming one body, 

One soul. 

But there is not such a place where this story can happen. 

Suddenly, they were torn apart viciously, losing grip of one another and this fantasy. 

Sobs began to echo throughout the dark bedroom from a broken girl, 

Cold sweat running down her face and back.

Taking a second to breathe,

She felt her heart plummet. 

Her fairytale will never happen. 

As her eyes began to well up, 

She took a long look at the midnight sky,

The shining stars. 

And she wished.

She begged. 

She sank to her knees and pleaded to not solely find her lost love,

But to also consume the happiness it once brought her. 

However, not all wishes come true.

Not in this place, not in any place.